Highly skilled and experienced leadership and specialist team adept at strategically positioning an organisation to achieve maximum performance and growth. In depth understanding of the energy, engineering and construction market in which it currently operates.

Current Areas of Expertise

Jemma Holdings currently possesses in-depth experience and expertise in the following areas:

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  • Energy related Projects and Services
  • Engineering Projects
  • Water Infrastructure Projects
  • Project Management Services

Featured projects

Large-scale construction requires collaboration across multiple disciplines. A project manager should, therefore, possess the skills and insights to provide incisive leadership

"Employing a dual strategy to securing business opportunities; that of securing work as a stand-alone entity and that of securing work through various partnerships including as part of a Joint Venture/Consortium, Subcontracting and Specialist Partnerships"

To become a leading and preferred provider of energy, water, engineering and construction infrastructure an services in South Africa and the African Continent. This will be achieved by leveraging off the phenomenal successes already realised, to develop an agile organisation with a robust delivery capability.

The company’s value statement: Honesty and Integrity are sacrosanct, Safety is paramount, Collaboration and Inclusivity are the cornerstone of our operations and We invest in our employees and partnerships.

We are a growing organisation that provides Energy, Engineering, Water, Construction and Project Management infrastructure and services to the South African and African markets.

The company’s business objectives are: Put in place/maintain a lean, agile and sustainable operations model, Develop/maintain a loyal and diversified client base, Develop/maintain a solid and diversified product and service offering, Develop sustainable revenue streams, Maximise Profits/Increase Shareholder Value, Work with social partners to enhance the lives and living standards of our communities.